Build a Miracle was formally established as a non-profit corporation in 2001, but the true origin dates back to October
14,1986, the day the founders,
Julianne and Chris North, met while painting the dormitory at an orphanage and school in
Tecate, Mexico. Chris was a recent graduate of Loyola Marymount University and Julianne was a sophomore.
Shortly afterward they met Adolfo Noguez, director of an educational and athletic
program working with hundreds of impoverished children in Northern Mexico.
Chris and Julianne were married in 1988.  Along with Adolfo, they continued to work
together on various charitable projects in Tecate and Tijuana.
The transformation into Build A Miracle – a home building organization – began in the
late 1990s, when they built one home each year for single mothers struggling to keep
jobs and to keep their kids in school.  At the same time these women volunteered at
the local Esperanza Community Center and Chapel run by Sister Gene McNally.
The excitement about helping build permanent homes for families living in squalor became contagious for Chris and Julianne's
friends, family, neighbors, schoolmates and fellow parishioners. Donations started coming in and it was time to make it official.
In 2001, Build a Miracle was born.
After their first trip, they started an organization at the Loyola Marymount University
known as De Colores, which after twenty years is still going strong with monthly
student trips helping build homes and schools in Tijuana.
Adolfo Noguez
Chris & Juliane North
Build A Miracle
Build A Miracle